FESTIVAL OF SCHNITZELS in the Student House canteen

Do you love schnitzels?
We do and we want to share our passion with you on Wednesday 15/05/2024.

Accept the invitation to a gastronomic celebration of "forbidden delicacies"!
We have therefore prepared an exclusive schnitzel menu for you::

Pork tenderloin in parmesan breadcrumbs
potatoes au gratin
Savoy chicken breast schnitzel
Viennese potato salad
Turkey breast fillet in Corn Flakes
Mashed potatoes with onions
Natural pork schnitzel
french fries, with tartar sauce
Fried cheese with bacon in breadcrumbs
boiled potatoes, with tartar sauce
Fried cauliflower cutlets
potato puree
Bavarian muffin or fruit cube

We wish everyone a good appetite!