Regular inspections of the condition of the rooms in the Strahov dormitories

The occurrence of unwanted insects worries us as much as it worries you.

Events over the summer, when we terminated several student accommodation contracts for failure to report the presence of unwanted insects, have prompted us to take more stringent measures. The observed condition of the room from the lack of cleaning was causing a hygiene hazard. Careful cleaning of floors and elimination of food residues in the room helps to prevent the occurrence of unwanted insects.

After careful consideration, we have decided to follow Article IV, paragraph 11 of the General Conditions of Accommodation and Article 6, paragraph 1, letter z of the House Rules of the CTU University Halls of Residence and carry out regular checks on the condition of all rooms. The frequency of checks will be twice a month. You will know the date of the inspection well in advance.

If the inspectors find hygiene violations, you will be asked to correct them. If the correction is not made within the time limit, the accommodation will be terminated.

We understand that you may not agree with the measures, but privacy and cleanliness are not at opposite ends of the spectrum. We can have both. Regularly checking on the cleaning and condition of your room is not something to be alarmed about. It's just a way to ensure a healthy and safe environment on campus.

Thank you for your understanding.