Basic information on dormitory accommodation

The Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) provides accommodation in 8 complexes via the Service Facility Administration (SFA). Of this, the dormitory complex in Strahov offers accommodation capacities for 4,600 persons, the Podolídormitory complex offers 1,000 places, and other accommodation is provided by smaller dormitories concentrated mainly in the Dejvice campus, e.g. the Dejvická and Sinkuleho dormitories. In total, the Czech Technical University in Prague provides 8,500 accommodation places.

Accommodation is provided primarily to students of the Czech Technical University in Prague, and then to students of other universities and study programmes. Accommodation contracts are concluded on a long-term basis – e.g. for 2 years/year/academic year, or on a short-term basis – for the duration of exams, summer vacation etc. Accommodation is provided on the basis of reservations (existing residents) or applications (new accommodation applicants).

Where and how can I obtain dormitory accommodation
Submitting a dormitory accommodation application

All information on accommodation is provided by the Purpose-Built Facility Administration’s Accommodation Department, or listed in the documents for the relevant calendar year.

Opening hours and contacts details for the Accommodation Department
Price lists and documents (accommodation schedule, accommodation scenario, general accommodation information etc.)

Information on payment of dormitory fees, insurance, charges and other payments

Student's estimated financial cost for accommodation and related charges from 09/09/2024
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